Royal Spectram Pvt. Ltd.  
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Royal Spectram Pvt. Ltd.

Royal Spectrum Pvt Ltd, a globally recognized technology leader and offers a full line of Decorative, High temperature, Functional and High-Performance powder coating products

Royal Spectrum strives for :

  • Two to Five-days delivery of custom product test samples (1-5 kg)
  • Same day shipment of stock products (test samples, 20-kg box, or skid)
  • Five-day delivery of pilot batch production (up to 20 kg) of custom products
  • The five E's of Powder Coating - Economy, Efficiency, Energy Savings, Environmental Compliance and Excellence of Finish.

Royal Spectrum offers :
Flexible batch production capability (as small as 40 kg., up to 20 tons.) "JIT" and "Special Arrangement" inventory programs

We are…
  • Formulator and manufacturer of custom-designed powder coatings
  • Innovator of superior solutions to Customers’ powder coating needs
  • Technologically advanced
  • Customer service driven
  • Privately owned, customer focused efficient powder coating manufacturer
  • Cost-conscious – ALWAYS!
  • “Green Technology” compliant  
  • Applied for an ISO 9001-2008 certificate
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